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10×10 Challenge: making the world a better place locally and overseas

Jan 29, 2010

by Patricia Schultz, VIA Architecture

The first thing you see when you go to the 10×10 challenge site is that “you are joining a community of we thinkers around the world who are working to create a better global future.”

The idea of the “10 x10 challenge” is to list 10 commitments publicly on their site that you plan to follow that will make the world a better place. In return, $10 will be donated to Free the Children, an organization that helps create schools and offers clean water to children in under-developed countries.

Here is a list of the most popular commitments for the challenge:

  1. Turn off the lights (22,712)
  2. Drink water from a re-useable water bottle (20,025)
  3. Clean out my closet (16,869)
  4. Hug, hug, hug (16,589)
  5. Re-connect with an old friend (13,655)
  6. Read about a new social issue (11,586)
  7. Give a donation on someone’s behalf (8,864)
  8. Volunteer somewhere new (8,806)
  9. Say thank you — in writing (8,495)
  10. Buy organic products (8,437)

I urge you to take a few minutes to go to their site, take a look at what it’s all about, and list your own 10 commitments that you plan to do.

I’ve already gotten a head start on my #7 commitment: Tell more people about 10×10.