Joseph Arnold Lofts

  • Invesco Real Estate purchases the VIA + S. Cox Architect-designed Joseph Arnold Lofts in Seattle from the Schuster Group for the highest sales price so far this year. Click to view the article in PDF (238KB)

Walton Lofts

  • Steve Cox and VIA designed this 12-story loft-style apartment building, which is pursuing Three Globes certification and broke ground early in 2014. “Schuster [Group] starts 136-loft Belltown high-rise”, Daily Journal of Commerce, March 3, 2012. Click to view the article in PDF (60KB)

South Lake Union and Uptown Urban Design

  • “Zoning change could make South Lake Union a land of tall towers”, King 5 News Seattle,  November 2012. Click here to view the full article and video on King 5’s website.

Millennium Line Skytrain Stations

  • Huffington Post British Columbia named the stations one of the seven Best Buildings in Greater Vancouver: “Not so much a building as an infrastructure project, every station along the line that carries commuters from Vancouver to New Westminster and Coquitlam features a unique design. SFU design Brandon Yan says they provide a “wonderful experience for transit users.’ ” Click to view the video and full list  at the Huffington Post British Columbia Website.

Landmark Cinemas, Vancouver BC

  • “Theatres are all about comfort”, The Record, May 11, 2012. Click to view the article in PDF (431 KB)

Black Rock Oceanfront Resort

  • “Urban Escape Route with Edgy Eppeal”, Vancouver Sun, August 11, 2009 by Suzanne Morphet. Click to view Vancouver Sun’s, “Urban Escape Route with Edgy Appeal” article in PDF format. (182.62 KB)

City of Tacoma, Dome District

  • “Potential brewing in downtown”, Tacoma Weekly, May 21, 2009. Click to view the article in PDF format (92.8 KB).

City of Tacoma, Dome District

  • “Tacoma Redevelops Its Dome District”, Planning Magazine, June 2009, by Aaron Corvin. Click to view Planning Magazine’s, “Tacoma Redevelops Its Dome District ” article in PDF format. (970.26 KB)

City of Vancouver, BC

  • “Canadian Architect Compares Tulsa and Vancouver”, GTR Newspapers, by Charles Cantrell. Click to view GTR Newspapers, “Canadian Architect Compares Tulsa and Vancouver” article in PDFformat. (38.65 KB)

City of Tacoma, Dome District

  • “An evolving vision for the Dome district”, Tacoma Weekly, January 2009, by John Larson. Click to view Tacoma Weekly’s “An evolving vision for the Dome district” article in PDF format. (518.90 KB)

Plaza 88

  • “VIA Redefines Spaces”, North American Design Magazine, Winter 2009, by Chris Petersen. Click to view North American Design Magazine’s “VIA Redefines Spaces” article in PDF format. (2.63 MB)

Evergreen Line

  • “VIA Wins $1.4B Vancouver Project”, Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce, December 24, 2008. Click to view the article in PDF format (82.7 KB).

Roundhouse Community Centre

  • “Will the Circles be Unbroken?”, Driven magazine, September 2008, by Ivor Tossell. Click to view Driven’s “Will the Circles be Unbroken?” article in PDF format. (1.44 MB)

Plaza 88 TOD and Canada Line

  • “Specifications drive Transportation Projects”, Construction Canada magazine, November 2007, by Tian Feng, Mary Nowee, and Tom Tolentino.

Kiwanis Seniors’ Housing

  • “Kiwanis Manor”, ArchitectureBC, March 2008, by Charlene Kovacs. Click to view ArchitectureBC’s “Kiwanis Manor” article in PDF format. (4.46 MB)
  • VIA Publications and Exhibits”Building Green in the Pacific Northwest”, Urban Land Institute, June 2007, by Alan Hart.

Laurelhurst Community Center

  • “On Architecture: It’s the little things”, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, June 25 2007, by Lawrence Cheek.
  • VIA Suzuki Architecture Customer Success Story, January 2006, by Deborah Pothier.

Seattle Waterfront

  • “Is city ready for waterfront redesign ideas?” Daily Journal of Commerce, June 14 2006, by Sam Bennett.

Millennium Line

  • “Substance over Spectacle: Contemporary Canadian Architecture”, Andrew Gruft, 2005, Arsenal Pulp Press.
  • Ideas in Form 8 – Building Communities: From Process to Place Model Exhibit, Seattle Architectural Foundation, Summer 2005.

Millennium Line/Substance over Spectacle Exhibit

  • “Built the Canadian Way”, Vancouver Sun, April 30 2005 by Lloyd Dykk.

Sustainable Infrastructure

  • “Sustainability Evaluation and Performance tools for Infrastructure Projects”, March 2005 Conference Proceedings, First International Intelligent and Green Building Technologies and Products Conference & Expo, Beijing China, by Catherine Hart, Graham McGarva and Kim Kuykendall.

The Obelisk

  • “Tall and Small in Coquitlam”, Vancouver Sun, January 29 2005, by Michael Sasges.

Club Intrawest Desert Willow

  • “This is not your grandfather’s time-share”, National Post, April 3 2004, by Deborah Stokes.

Seattle Monorail Project

  • “Green Line real challenge for designer”, Daily Journal of Commerce, October 29 2003, by Ari Kramer.
  • “Monorail Stations can be as high as your hopes”, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, April 17 2003, by Kery Murakami.
  • “Eye Candy for the Strap Hangers”, Vancouver Sun, January 30 2003, by Trevor Boddy.

Millennium Line

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Roundhouse Community Centre

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Millennium Line

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Engine 374 Pavilion

  • “History under Glass”, Journal of Commerce, June 30 1997, by Olga Darcovich.

International Village

  • “Welcome to the City of the 21st Century”, Georgia Straight, February 11 1994, by Sean Rossiter.

Southeast False Creek

  • “2010 + False Creek Southeast: The Story so Far”, Architecture BC, Winter 2004, by Sean Ruthen.

Coal Harbour Neighbourhood

  • “Vancouver’s New Neighbourhoods – Achievements in Planning and Urban Design”, City of Vancouver, December 2003.