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Apr 19, 2013



VIA is currently participating in the 8th annual HEADLINES exhibit at the University of Washington’s College of Built Environments. The exhibit displays a preview of unbuilt work, both local and international, providing an overview of the design influence and innovation that northwest practitioners contribute to the region and across the globe.

The HEADLINES exhibit, which represents the work of more than 50 local design firms, highlights projects that are currently “on the boards.” By focusing on projects that are still in design, the exhibit facilitates a dialogue between the region’s professional and academic communities about design concepts and ideas, and it allows the public a glimpse of how the studio process shapes the early stages of a project. Each entry features a “headline,” a word or phrase that describes the project’s principal design concept, and is limited to one display board on which to communicate the essence and primary features of the project.

After spending two weeks on display at the University of Washington, the exhibit will travel to other schools of architecture throughout the Northwest. Past exhibits have been displayed at the Architectural Institute of British Columbia in Vancouver; Washington State University; Montana State University; Portland State University; and the University of Oregon.

The annual HEADLINES exhibit is organized by the Department of Architecture Professionals Advisory Council (PAC). The PAC is made up of local architects and other design professionals as well as members of the UW Department of Architecture. The group bridges the professional and academic realms of design practice in order create and facilitate a dialogue that includes both an awareness of marketplace realities and trends of the professional world as well as the issues and concerns faced by educational institutions. VIA has been an active member of the PAC for the past four years and is a regular contributor to and supporter of the HEADLINES exhibit.

HEADLINES 2013: Architecture Looking Ahead will be on exhibit through April 25, 2012 at Gould Court in the main exhibit hall at the University of Washington College of Built Environments.