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Best Buildings In Greater Vancouver: Millennium Line Skytrain Stations

Sep 10, 2012
Best Buildings In Greater Vancouver: Millennium Line Skytrain Stations

This week, the VIA-designed Millennium Line Skytrain Stations in Vancouver were featured on Huffington Post British Columbia’s Best Buildings, Ugliest Buildings In Greater Vancouver list (thankfully, we were on the Bestlist!).

Huffington Post British Columbia asked some prominent B.C. design gurus what they thought.

Architect and planner Michael Geller (@michaelgeller) says a building works when it meets the taste of the general public, rather than an expert’s. He believes that people like a level of decoration and attention to detail that puts a building’s design beyond the norm.

Prolific architect Bing Thom (@BTArchitects) says a building is beautiful when it resonates with its space. It must be “well-mannered,” not jarring, disturbing or boring, he told Huffington Post B.C.

SFU Urban Studies student Brandon Yan (@pre_planner) feels that, for a building to be attractive, it must use simplicity and quality harmoniously and combine form with function.

VIA’s design of the Millennium Skytrain Stations fell into the top seven Most Beautiful buildings:

Not so much a building as an infrastructure project, every station along the line that carries commuters from Vancouver to New Westminster and Coquitlam features a unique design. SFU design Brandon Yan says they provide a “wonderful experience for transit users.”

With these definitions in mind, here are the rest of their picks for the prettiest and the ugliest buildings in Greater Vancouver.