Just sitting in my desk, I hear conversations around the office that can range from software geekery, design critiques, transportation mode comparisons, group brainstorming, local issues, to how we can save the world.

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Why Work for VIA?

  • Our dedication to building communities goes beyond design. At VIA, we believe that sustainable and thriving communities are those where residents invest and reinvest to support a positive and productive future.
  • We invest in our communities. Over the past three decades, we’ve provided thousands of hours of pro-bono design work, volunteer labor for community events and benefits, and participation on countless committees, workshops, and competitions devoted to improving the places where we work, live, and play.
  • Our team doesn’t just design transit stations, we use them too. The vast majority of our team members use transit, walking, or cycling for commuting to work and travel to business meetings.
  • We recognize the importance of building our future by building talent. We actively support students and architectural and planning interns to increase job skills and ensure qualifications for future generations of the profession.


Current Job Postings:

Architectural Grads/Interns (Vancouver)
Senior Technical Architect (Vancouver)
Design Lead Architect (Vancouver)
Transit / Urban Infrastructure Architect (Vancouver)
Project Architect (Seattle)

Contact Us

To submit an expression of interest, please forward a resume and graphic samples of your work by email to careers@via-architecture.com (2 mb size limit).

We prefer not to take initial inquiries by telephone or in person.