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Carve for a Cause 2010

Nov 10, 2010

Our firm has participated in Carve for a Cause for the last three years. The event is sponsored by Architects without Borders, and benefits their current and future projects providing design assistance to communities in need.

We’ll do a quick recap of previous submissions so you can compare them to this year’s.

2008: The Artichoke Lamp

Our inspiration:
This picture doesn’t show how much time this took or how hard it was to 
figure out how to make it work. Good thing we’re an office full of architects, right?
We ended up using a metal toilet paper holder, and attached the 
pumpkin “leaves” with long skewers and twisty ties. What do you think?

2009: Silence of the Squash

VIA’s Interior Designer actually steamed squash, skinned them, and then team members hand sewed them together for the final product. Creepy!

And our 2010 submission?
The [Pumpkin] Design Process…

A few team members were worried that we might be offending some professions that we work with, but we made sure to make fun of everyone equally, including Architects. Here are some detail shots:

[Click on the image to view the comments larger]
Need I say more, other than to point out the solar panels?
The date: October 34, 2009

Our prize?
Two staff members with tattoos [which I must say is better than the fake bloody arm from last year]: