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Couch Cushion Architecture Contest

Nov 24, 2010
Couch Cushion Architecture Contest

by Ivan Ilic, VIA Architecture 

The couch Cushion Architecture project started one slow afternoon when I received an email with a link to this website.

I showed it to a coworker, who suggested we make it into an activity for everybody at VIA to participate; thus VIA Couch Cushion Architecture Challenge was born.

Though it was called a challenge, the CCA project was more an exercise for fun and participation, fostering VIA culture as our coworkers allowed us glimpses into their couch worlds. This challenge was especially fun for children who took the task seriously and produced some of the most innovative and challenging domestic structures.

Certain rules had to be followed:

  1. the project had to be within 5 feet of couch
  2. building blocks had to be supplied from home
  3. LEED Silver certification or greater
  4. must have fun

Each person or team had to submit photos of their creation, letters of assurance from a recognized structural engineer, and a written design intent. The 10 submissions were then subject to a group critique session where every CC Architect was given an opportunity to describe the merits of their piece followed by ‘sophisticated’ architectural commentary from their peers.

Since this project was a ‘Challenge,’ the submissions were presented on the VIA intranet and everybody voted for their favourites. Three prizes were given – third prize for sustainability, second prize for structure and tectonics, most importantly first prize for innovation. Trey walked away with two prizes this year – first and third for his sustainable and innovative beach front fort!

David received the second prize for his structurally brave ‘La Dame de Fer’ modeled after the Eiffel Tower.

Everybody else who participated received an honorary mention and a place in VIA history as a pioneer of the VIA Couch Cushion Architecture Challenge!

 (this one was supposed to be very sustainable… in the sense that they detailed how they would have built the fort, but never used any materials)

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  1. Awesome! Thanks for sharing the results of the CCA challenge.