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Friday Feature: Trey

Oct 29, 2010

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Trey and I create spaces that, hopefully, have a positive effect on people.

What made you decide to go into your field?

As a young lad I wanted to fly A-10’s for the US Air Force. Then my eyesight went south about the time I was taking a class in Architecture, and now here I am.

What did your family think of your chosen field?

They were very supportive of my decision. I think they wanted me out of the house too.

Who is the teacher who had the most influence on you and why?

Ezra Rice, my shop / drafting / Intro to Architecture teacher at Patch American High School. He was hard on us but fair, and he had a great outlook on life. He loved to tell us life lessons he learned from his great Gran Pappy, and how we will be better off for taking his class. He didn’t take any crap in the shop, “because it could get you killed!” or in the classroom, “because you will fail and end up living on the street with the bums!”

He also taught me the difference between a scale and a ruler.

What was the biggest hurdle you faced along your educational path? (academic, financial, motivational, family or peer pressure, outside distraction, etc.)

Well there was a little hiccup my second year where I did a little too much partying and my GPA slipped. That was a pretty big hurdle to overcome, but it did give me the opportunity to take some courses outside of the Architecture program that I otherwise would not have been able to. Other than that, financial obligations have probably been the biggest hurdle to overcome.

What inspires you?

Experiencing a well designed space, certain design magazines, a lecture by a favorite designer, and the biggest of them all, Mother Nature.

What schooling is required for success in your career?

A Bachelor of Architecture from Kansas State University.(Or a minimum of a 5 year degree from some “other” accredited institution.)

What kind of people are the most successful in your field? Are there any specific attributes?

I do not think there is one kind of person that is “most successful”. Pretty much any one can be successful as long as you work hard and stay focused.

What is the best advice you were ever given?

Aside from the life preservation advice, (don’t stick your tongue to that frozen metal!) and the ever popular “measure twice, cut once.” I would have to say it was when a bunch of my studio mates and I were trying to decide between doing an Internship at a firm or study in Italy for our 4th year Spring semester. Our professor said to us, “Go to Italy! You will get to experience work for the rest of your life.”
I still can’t figure out why we were having such a hard time deciding between the two.

Is your field growing? (ie. is there room for new entries and is there career growth?)

If the new billings index is correct, then yes, the field is starting to grow again.

What advice would you give someone considering a career like yours?

Be prepared to work hard. But also make sure you fit in time for your self. We don’t want you to burn out. Also, if you are still in school, Go to Italy! You will get to experience work for the rest of your life.