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Monday News Roundup

Apr 02, 2012

Happy April! Here are the interesting news bites that the last week of March had to offer:

Leverage the Golden Gate Transportation Monopoly (Sustainable Cities Collective)
You may not realize it, but the Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transit District has an effective monopoly on travel to San Francisco from Marin.  If you take transit, of course, you’re using GGT, but if even if you drive you have a toll to pay.  This gives the district enormous market power to influence the travel decisions made by Marinites, power that it should use for good.

Why Community-Based Planning Works Better Than Anything Else (the Atlantic Cities)
The characteristics that make a city neighborhood great are by no means restricted to upscale developments. Indeed, sometimes older, low- or moderate-income neighborhoods exhibit greater continuity and stronger bonds – a stronger sense of what we call ‘community’ – than do those with higher incomes.  As a result, they can sometimes be the source of extraordinary achievement in urban revitalization.  There may be no more inspiring example of this than the neighborhood surrounding Boston’s Dudley Street, an avenue that runs through the city’s Roxbury district.

MapAttack App Turns Any City into a Virtual Gameboard (Web Urbanist)
The MapAttack! smartphone app for Android phones and iPhones can turn any neighborhood or park into a virtual game board for four to twenty players, encouraging exploration of urban environments.

Illustrating a Commute, One Rider at a Time (the Atlantic Cities)
For the past year, British illustrator Steve Wilkin has used his hour-long commute on the 7:38 a.m. train from the town of Hebden Bridge toward the city of Preston to sketch his fellow passengers in all their commuting glory.

Tehran Tower / CAAT Architecture Studio (ArchDaily)
To combat the harsh reality of the extreme air pollution caused by urban sprawl in Tehran, CAAT Architecture Studio proposed building up, locating massive skyscrapers within the city to house masses of residents centrally.

When a Parking Lot Is So Much More (The New York Times)
The parking lot is the antithesis of nature’s fields and forests, an ugly reminder of the costs of our automobile-oriented society. But as long as we prefer to get around by car (whether powered by fossil fuel, solar energy or hydrogen), the parking lot is here to stay. It’s hard to imagine an alternative.

100 Ways To Conserve [Water] (Water Use It
There are a number of ways to save water, and they all start with you.

Modern design, retro touches: Here comes the new 520 bridge (The Seattle Times)
Construction on the Highway 520 bridge is finally getting down to water level this week, as workers will soon build the fixed sections that extend up from Lake Washington to the Eastside.