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Monday News Roundup

Mar 05, 2012

Happy Monday, all! Following are last week’s news, art, planning, and architecture highlights:

Mapping the Happiest States (Planetizen)
Richard Florida reports on a new map showing the results of the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, which analyzes a number of “happiness” factors on a statewide level.

Are Container Houses the future? (Sustainable Cities Collective)
French architect Patrick Partouche recently designed and developed a single-family unit made up of five shipping containers.

California’s Groundbreaking Green Building Ordinance (
California State policies to date have created exceptional green buildings that effectively raise the ceiling for green building. By setting minimum standards, California is doing something equally important: raising the minimum floor.

New York Botanical Garden to Debut Living Wall of Orchids (Architizer Blog)
Famed French botanist Patrick Blanc, renowned for his lush, gravity-defying gardens, has made his way to the New York Botanical Garden this spring to design a series of horticultural walls that will showcase the illustrious tropical orchid.

Is Urbanism Slowing the Rise of Car Travel?  (The Atlantic Cities)
Researchers have been saying for several years now that cities in the United States and other developed countries may have reached “peak driving” — a level of vehicle miles at or near the saturation point.

2030 Carbon Targets May Be Within Reach (
Architecture 2030 says new energy projections from the federal government show the building sector is on its way to achieving long-term goals in energy and carbon reductions.