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Monday News Roundup

Feb 06, 2012

Happy post-Superbowl Monday! Let’s catch up on last week’s most interesting articles:

Digital vs. Analog Ways of Transforming Cities (Sustainable Cities Collective)
Is an app enough? Turning “transactional” into “transformational”

Parking being squeezed out in Vancouver (The Globe and Mail)
Developers in Vancouver being forced to offer fewer parking spots; VIA’s Graham McGarva offers his thoughts

The environmental building blocks of urban happiness (Sustainable Cities Collective)
Correlation between the shape of our communities and neighborhoods to the mental and physical well-being of their citizens

Weekend House / Pokorny Architekti (Arch Daily)
Slovakian weekend house design uses traditional ideas in a very modern way

Urban Farming as a Successful Business (Sustainable Cities Collective)
Urban farming methods refined for success

How Greenways Create Healthy Communities (Sustainable Cities Collective)
Greenways blend urban and rural design for harmonious communities

Coffee Shop Neighborhoods for the Next Seattle (City Tank)
Discourage sprawl, encourage “Coffee Shop Neighborhoods” in Seattle for the health of communities, transit, and citizens

A Paradigm Shift in Urban Runoff (Planetizen)
Capturing and filtering rain water as it falls helps decrease polluted runoff in urban areas