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Monday News Roundup

Nov 21, 2011

A roundup of the top headlines from art, design, sustainability and architecture:

Finnish supermarket develops slow check-our lane for disabled and elderly (Springwise)
The slow-track checkout lane at Finnish K-citymarket is aimed at the elderly, the disabled, and anyone else who wants a more relaxed shopping experience.

Hatert Housing by 24H Architects (Contemporist)
This sturdy tower designed by 24H Architects acts as a recognizable sculpture from all sides. It will serve as a housing program, new public space for citizens and a community health center.

Paris-based Designer Suzy Lelièvre (Colossal)
These assorted projects showcase her uncanny ability to portray ordinary objects in extraordinary ways

Dan Bertolet of VIA Architecture discusses Issaquah’s zHome (Green Building)
VIA’s own takes a closer look at the success and cost efficiency of Issaquah’s net-zero energy townhouse development.

Great cities invest in great architecture (Planetizen)
ArtPlace America has issued a landmark series of grants dedicated to supporting the ‘creative class’ and enhance communities through the arts.

Ever seen a paperclip bike rack? (Colossal)
As seen on campus at the Minneapolis Art Institute

A fascinating bit of creative land use (Sustainable Cities Collective)

NYC’s conceptual, subterranean public park attempts to pipe natural light underground

Co-Housing Offers A Fresh Approach To Sustainable Development (Planetizen)
A return to community focused development is changing the design of neighborhoods across the country.