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Monday News Roundup

Oct 31, 2011

Happy Halloween! Please enjoy these tasty news treats and tweets from last week!

World’s Largest Pumpkin Carved into an Awesome Creepy Sculpture! (Inhabitat)

Prefab, 10’x10′, Affordable Homes(Planetizen)

Stación-ARquitectura Arquitectos has designed a modular home to house poor families in Monterrey, Mexico made from recycled materials.

How to suspend 2,000 dandelions from the cieling w/ out making a wish! (Colossal)
An unusual art installation by Regine Ramseier.

Jan Gehl on the Past 40 Years of Urbanism(Planetizen)

Famed urbanist Jan Gehl looks back at the writing and thought on how people use the urban environment — including his own — over the past 40 years.

Living Sustainably on a College Campus (Sustainable Cities Collective)
Tips for getting sustainable on campus.

Does Affordable Housing Have to Look Bad? (Planetizen)
lison Arieff explodes the unspoken myth that public housing must look cheap and unattractive, citing some stellar examples of affordable design.

On the Corner by Eastern Design Office (Contemporist)
This Japanese house designed atop a thin triangular lot ending up looking really sharp.

What do we really know about planning? (Sustainable Cities Collective)
Few would disagree with the need to simplify a planning system widely seen as expensive and unwieldy by both applicants and planning authorities. This article discusses the Localism Bill and the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).

Wanted: Food Lawyers! (Switchboard)
…Right now, my advice to law students and new lawyers is to consider how you can apply your skills to the fast growing local, sustainable food movement that seeks to fix our broken national food system.

Creating Places for People(Planetizen)

That’s the title of a draft report from the Australian Dept. of Infrastructure and Transport presenting model processes for creating high-quality urban environments.