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Monday News Roundup

Oct 24, 2011

Facebook App to Track Household Energy Consumption (Planetizen)

In early 2012, Facebook will launch a yet-to-be-named app that will allow 800 million users to access home energy usage information provided by their utility company. This ‘Social Energy Application’ will help users manage their energy.

For ultra-green dev’t, how much flexibility is too much? (The Seattle Times)
Seattle planners already can bend some development rules for projects that promise to be extra-green. But how much flexibility is too much?

Norway Showroom Built from Re-Used Doors and Windows (Inhabitat)
Working around the theme of “Re-Use,” a group of architecture students constructed this inspiring artistic pavilion made entirely from old windows and doors in Trondheim, Norway.

La Concha House (Contemporist)
La Concha is a home that has been remodeled from a 15th Century barn on the Island of Guernsey. The house was developed as a fluid, three-dimensional plan, inspired by ‘The Nolli plan of Rome’ 1748.

Transportation Designers Uninvent the Wheel (Inhabitat)

The wheel has revolutionized life on planet Earth. However, as scientists try to wean us off our fossil fuel dependency, engineers are developing new concepts for transportation that eschew wheels in favor of next-generation technologies.

DomestiCity: A Photo Essay (Sustainable Cities Collective)
This photo essay explores the ways in which people negotiate the use of their limited living quarters. The available space in or around one’s sleeping quarters is fair game for all domestics…

Roca London Gallery (Contemporist)
Cutting edge, technologically advanced, and futuristic are some adjectives that come to mind…

An Interview with Charles Eames (Herman Miller)
Some fascinating tidbits from a Q&A session with designer Charles Eames.