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Monday News Roundup

Jun 18, 2012

Happy rainy Monday morning from Seattle– here are some of last week’s interesting items:

DIY Wearable Turn Signals for Cyclists Turn On When You Lift Your Arm (Treehugger)
A fun project by Instructables user CTY1995 is great for cyclists riding city streets. It’s turn signal arm bands that light up when you lift your arm.

Parks and Pavilions: A Meeting of Landscape and Architecture (Sustainable Cities Collective)

The new issue of Architype Review focuses on parks, the spaces designed to explored on foot, and pavilions, the spots from which visitors can take a moment to sit and enjoy the landscape. Some of the best pavilions compliment their setting, creating a unique presence and vantage point. They fundamentally respect the environment while providing a new texture.

Why Cities are Better for Watersheds than Suburbs (Sustainable Cities Collective)
Development necessarily creates giant swaths of constructed areas that have no unifying ecosystem. It also disturbs existing natural areas that are part of the natural cycling of water, minerals, chemicals, plants and animals. Yet despite these complications, density is valuable in terms of impact mitigation on a per-person basis, as least as far as pollutant loading and watershed health is concerned.

An Artist Reinvents Architectural Photography via iPhone (The Atlantic Cities)
Lynette Jackson, a telecommunications professional from Atlanta, is not an architect, but turns her architectural photography into complex art pieces, letting sections of her built subjects set the tone for the layers of design treatments, created using only the apps on her phone.

How walkable, transit-oriented neighborhoods help seniors (Sustainable Cities Collective)
AARP’s Active Living for All Ages: Creating Neighborhoods Around Transit shows how transit-oriented development (TOD) facilitates the independence and mobility of older adults.  This new six-minute video features conversations with residents, local officials and experts in TOD in Arlington, Virginia—a walkable, mixed-use community with access to a variety of public transit options, entertainment and recreation, and basic services such as shopping and medical services.

Wall of Planters Shades And Ventilates House; A New Kind of Living Wall (Treehugger)
House in Ho Chi Min City features wall of planters for shade, ventilation, privacy, and visual interest.

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  1. Those planters shades are a great idea. they add some green to the decor and serve more than one purpose. I wonder how long before we have this here in Canada.