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Monday News Roundup

Sep 19, 2011

Happy Monday everyone! Catch up on what you missed below with the top links from last week:

What 9/11 Taught Us About Designing Skyscrapers (Fast Company)
The first building to be erected adjacent to ground zero has become a test case for addressing the design failings of the ill-fated towers and forging a model for how skyscrapers should be built in the future.

3D Drawing Machine(Colossal)
Vision is a rather unique 3D drawing device allowing almost anyone to draw images in perfect perspective using nothing but your eyes and a pen.

Is ‘Urbanism Without Effort’ the Best Urbanism of All? (Sustainable Cities)
Real neighborhood experiences can provide a meaningful gloss on current discussions about how to make cities better and increase shared places for all.

Sprawl vs. Farms(Planetizen)
Reports from Fresno, where sprawling development has clashed with agriculture, the region’s bread and butter.

Impacts of Wider Stop Spacing (Human Transit)
Moving bus stops further apart achieves a range of benefits in speed and potentially frequency.  Zef Wagner from Portland Transport studies the claim in the Portland context.

Your Name in Bikes (Inhabitat)
Juri Zaech’s Typography Bike Frames Are Bent to Actually Spell Out Your Name!

Designing Cities with Children in Mind (Sustainable Cities)
A non-profit is advancing the Playtime in Africa Initiative: transforming undeveloped land into a child-centric, play-friendly public centre where the entire community can re-imagine 21st century urban living.

Smart Growth Investment and Economic Vitality (Switchboard)
A report confirming what we have been told about the economic imperatives facing smaller cities and towns in Heartland America:  to become resilient, prioritize investment in smart growth and efficient transportation.

The Role of Transit in Natural Disasters (Seattle Transit Blog)