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Monday News Roundup

Aug 22, 2011

Thanks to all our loyal fans and followers! To keep you up to date here’s a roundup of the most interesting links from last week:

Lego Greenhouse(Design Milk)
Entitled the “LEGO Greenhouse”, this large-scale installation will be made entirely out of the iconic building blocks, begging the question: is it possible that life-sized LEGOs could be used to build structures?

The Importance of Regional Planning (Sustainable Cities)
Planning at the regional scale is critical. In order to meaningfully influence environmental impacts associated with development, land use, and transportation, we must act at a level where central cities and suburbs can be considered together.

Playgrounds Pop Up in New York (Planetizen)
Neighborhoods in New York City have built temporary “pop-up” playgrounds in an effort to encourage more physical activity among children

How Urban Design is Changing Architecture (Sustainable Cities)
A group of design and media luminaries have been inspired to develop and implement an educational program aimed at preparing designers to address complex problems in Russia and around the world.

How Green is Your Bicycle Commute?(Inhabitat)
With bike sharing and committed bike lanes on the rise, it seems like biking would be the no-brainer option for an eco-friendly commute, and yet some critics ponder if biking is actually better than taking the bus or a cab…

Can Issaquah residents come together? (Issaquah Reporter)
The latest draft of the Central Issaquah Plan focuses on transportation, density, and connectivity.

What Makes a Resilient City? (Sustainable Cities)
“Resilient” meaning cities that can last, make it through crises, possessing inner strength and resolve, as well as appropriate built form and physical infrastructure.