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Monday News Roundup

Jun 11, 2012

Happy sunny Monday! Here are some highlights from the last two weeks:

10 Beautiful Photos Celebrating World Oceans Day 2012 (Treehugger)
The photography of Brian Skerry helps illustrate why World Oceans Day is a big deal.

Happy 145th Birthday Frank Lloyd Wright (Arch Daily)
Perhaps best known for his Fallingwater House and New York’s iconic Guggenheim Museum (see our original doodle below), Wright was a prolific architect, interior designer, and writer who spent his life advocating an “organic” architecture at harmony with its surroundings.

Income inequality, as seen from space (Per Square Mile)
Per Square Mile writers were curious: could you actually see income inequality from space? It turned out to be easier than expected.

Giant Vending Machine Dispenses Bikes and Surfboards Instead of Junk Food (Inhabitat)
Forget Doritos and sugary sodas, the goodies that this vending machine in San Francisco recently dispensed were out of the ordinary! Instead of junk food, the machine delivered large goodies that would be used in adventure travel.

How Permaculture Could Transform Campuses Across the Globe (Treehugger)
At the international Permaculture Your Campus Conference, directors of the award-winning UMass Permaculture Initiative will give an introduction to permaculture in a campus setting and share the value that it has created for the University of Massachusetts system and local community.

When an Earthquake Meets Truly Old Buildings (The Atlantic Cities)
The impact of the 6.0 magnitude earthquake that struck Italy’s Emilia-Romagna region last week appears to have been made worse by the fact that significant seismic activity is rare there. Centuries of stable ground meant many villages in the region were well-stocked with Renaissance-era structures that were particularly vulnerable to tremors.

Urban walkability: the new driver in real estate values (Better Cities)
Throughout the country, since the recession, house values have lost as much as 35 percent. That is clear, regardless of location. But what was happening quietly, it seems even before the recession took hold, was that home values within city location were escalating faster than outlying locations.

The Risky Business of Parking Lot Creation (The Atlantic Cities)
The computer storage giant EMC in Hopkinton, Massachussetts, recently sought a zoning change to build a 900-space parking lot near corporate headquarters off Interstate 495. The unspoken threat here is that the company couldn’t possibly continue to call Hopkinton home without accommodating employees who drive to work. But the asphalt would go down on environmentally sensitive land – a little bit of paradise paved to put up a parking lot.

What’s the Difference Between a Parking Lot and a Playground? (The Atlantic Cities)
‘Urban hactivist’ Florian Rivière’s latest project “Don’t Pay, Play” divines sports complexes out of the checkered parking spaces of car parks, rendering what is generally perceived as one of the city’s greatest, yet unavoidable ills into potential public spaces.