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Monday News Roundup

Dec 13, 2010

Update on the Rainier Urban Farm at the Atlantic City Nursery  (Urban Farm Hub )
Great updates on a local project we’re involved with.

One big idea – bring Vancouver together  (Globe and Mail)
Meeru Dhalwala has come up with a new way to bring people together. The co-owner and chef at the internationally known restaurants Vij’s – described by The New York Times as “easily among the finest Indian restaurants in the world” – and Rangoli in South Granville has a Big Idea for boosting the spirit of community in Vancouver.

Bicycle freight – thinking outside the box truck  (Grist)
Boris Johnson, the mayor of London, is planning something that, at first glance, is unbelievable. He wants to ban semi trucks from the city.

Bicyclists Outpace Cars in Downtown, Says New Study  (Planetizen)
A new study of how people are using the French bikesharing system in Lyon provides ample data for American planners hoping implementing similar systems, and reveals that bicycles are faster and more effective than cars in downtown commutes.

It’s time to update the definition of Smart Growth (Kaid at NRDC)
It has been a dozen years or so, fifteen at the most, since a broad but committed group of advocates and organizations coalesced around a shared set of beliefs that, borrowing from then-Maryland-governor Parris Glendening’s landmark legislation, we called “smart growth.”

Defining Provocative Urbanism  (Sustainable Cities Collective)
Amid today’s writing on cities, there is a theme afoot.  Something called provocative urbanism could define today’s excitement and communication about cities, as the focus of multiple articles, tweets, videos and lectures.

Ride your bike, support urban farming  (Urban Farm Hub)
What’s cooler than growing food in vacant urban space? Riding bikes around Lake Washington to support urban farming!

Real Christmas trees aid the environment?  (Sacbee)
The Nature Conservancy is campaigning for people to use real Christmas trees, not the manufactured kind, as a way to lower our carbon footprint.

Pop-up cafes in parking spaces  (GOOD)
It’s not that New York does everything first, or even better, but when New York experiments, people (and cities) across the country take note. Case in point: the pop-up cafe.

How will cities be shaped by transit in the future?  (Grist)
According to Chris Borroni-Bird, director of GM’s advanced technology vehicle concepts work, we’re about to see a new chapter in the story of cars and cities.

Mass Transit on Track in Tehran  (Planetizen)
Over the past 30 years, the overgrown Iranian capital has arrived at unhealthy levels of air pollution and traffic congestion, but with the installation of a metro, BRT system, and bike rental program seems to be heading in a new direction.

City councillor floats downtown public square plan  (Vancouver Courier)
Imagine a block in the middle of downtown where you could sit and drink a coffee in the sun. NPA Coun. Suzanne Anton does, and she planned to champion her vision of a public space at city council Tuesday afternoon, after the Courier’s press deadline.

EPA Smart Growth Awards Live Blogging, Part 1: EPA’s Approach and the 2010 Winners  (The City Fix)

Can Planning Rebuild “Ghettos of the Mind”?  (Planetizen)
Dehumanizing urban renewal-era public housing developments across North America are being replaced by mixed-use, mixed income neighborhoods with affordable housing. Yet in Regent Park, Toronto at least, many troubling social problems remain.