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Monday News Roundup

Nov 30, 2010

Millennials driving less want alternatives (Metro magazine)
Almost one-half of all 18- to 34-year-old drivers are driving less, and nearly two-thirds would drive less if alternative transportation options were available, according to an independent study commissioned by Zipcar Inc.

Images from the world’s most walkable cities (Switchboard)
Frommer’s just came out with their list of the world’s ten most walkable cities. Compact, urbane, mixed-use, resilient, every one of them.

Vancouver’s Farm City builds your raised beds for you (City Farmer News)
we built 4 raised beds, comprising some 115 square feet of growing space (that’s a lot of fresh greens, herbs and veggies!). And because it would be a hassle to mow between the beds, we installed river rock paths

Buy Local or Bye-Bye Local (Crosscut)
Around Bellingham you can hardly avoid noticing stickers and small posters that carry the message “Buy Local, or Bye-Bye Local.” It’s a tiny part of a major campaign to sustain local banks, local stores, local agriculture, local manufacturers and service providers.

Cities, states start to adopt climate change survival strategies (Grist)
As it becomes ever more clear that Congress has retreated from climate change legislation faster than a Greenland glacier, cities and states are starting to focus on adapting to the inevitable.

Most dangerous Vancouver bike crossings (beyond Robson)
The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia does not only have to look after drivers, but also cyclists.

Green Roofed Sports Pavillion Opens in Portugal (Inhabitat)
Architects Filipe Brandao and Nuno Sanches recently saw the completion of their collaborative design work that seamlessly integrates a fantastic sports pavilion with an existing primary school in Braga, Portugal. Their smart design boasts a green roof that recedes into the natural slope of the surrounding streetscape, ensuring that one more green space is kept intact within the city.

China gets serious about sustainability (Planetizen)
Warren Karlenzig is back from two recent visits to China, and says the Chinese government is preparing to release a hugely ambitious agenda for getting greener.

Discovering what lies beneath Seattle (Planetizen)
As Seattle prepares to undertake several major construction projects, the city should embrace and explore its buried archaeological past as a means to involve community members and spark interest in local history, argues Knute Berger.

Farmigo Streamlines CSA Systems So Farmers Can Profit (Treehugger)
CSAs, or Community Sustained Agriculture programs, are an excellent way to ensure that the bounty of a farm reaches our kitchen tables. Consumers subscribe to a farm or group (either annual, monthly, or per-box) and receive boxes of freshly harvested, usually organic foods.

Le Truc’s Bustaurant Serves Up Cuisine On a Re-purposed Bus (Inhabitat)
Forget about dining inside a fancy restaurant, nowadays it seems like all the good Bay Area food is being served up on wheels. With the Street Food Festival in full swing, and a fleet of gourmet gocarts at Off the Grid, we’re all about chasing down delicious downsized grub. But here’s the latest addition that gives a new spin on the the food cart frenzy – meet the Le Truc, a 1989 ford Ward School Bus turned bus resuaturan or “bustaurant.” Already gaining popularity, next week Le Truc will claim their permanent parking spot at 470 Brannan Street.

A boom in bike commuting in the US (Planetizen)
NPR reports on the impressive growth – a tripling, even – of bicycling in the United States, with a particular focus on commuting.