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Monday News Roundup

May 14, 2012

It looks like summer is almost here! Happy sunny Monday– here’s a look at the highlights of last week’s interesting articles:

Dubai to Build Underwater Hotel (Architizer Blog)
From the vacuous iconicity of the Burj Khalifa to the ludicrous ambition of “the World”, Dubai’s tolerance for an asinine and radically depoliticized architecture has yet to be exceeded. See the latest conceptual project, Deep Ocean Technology’s proposed Water Discus Underwater Hotel.

Bike as Paintbrush, City as Canvas (The Atlantic Cities)
How a bike ride can honor the legacy of the late animal-wrestling Australian television host is a mix of powerful and pocket-sized technology, satellites, and one very creative man who uses his bike rides to paint city-sized digital pictures on the streets of Baltimore.

Tell us what you think! Urban Intervention Finalist Presentations (Arch Daily)
Urban Intervention challenged designers to conceive a fresh vision of environmental, social and economic opportunities on and beyond a nine-acre site at the heart of Seattle Center. 107 multidisciplinary teams from 24 countries entered designs. Each proposal harnessed Seattle’s history of innovation and civic engagement to inspire the next generation of great public spaces.

What Can the Bay Area Learn From the First Crop of Sustainable Communities Strategies? (SPUR)
In recent months, Sacramento, Los Angeles and San Diego all passed their first Sustainable Communities Strategies (SCS) in response to SB 375, the 2008 bill requiring a coordinated land use and transportation plan to reduce per capita greenhouse gas emissions from driving in California. Those in the Bay Area have the advantage of being the last among the big regions to pass an SCS. What can they learn from the other regions about the implementation of SB 375 and the prospects for better regional planning statewide?

Urban Sustainability’s Missing Ingredient? Education (The Atlantic Cities)
“Helping the trees. Which provide oxygen.” …That was the uncertain (and somewhat serious) answer one college-aged woman gave when she was asked the question, “what does sustainability mean to you?” by a pair of George Washington University students. Unprompted, she then second-guessed her response: “The trees provide oxygen? Yeah.” This video illustrated the impediment these cities most frequently cited in their efforts to refocus their cities on the long haul: a lack of knowledge about sustainability.

Green Roofs Will Cover Toronto (Sustainable Cities Collective)
Back in January of 2010, Toronto became the first North American city to make installing green roofs on new commercial, institutional, and multifamily residential developments compulsory – now that requirements will apply to industrial developments as well.

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  1. The underwater hotel in Dubai is amazing. They are building remarkable structures there.