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Monday News Roundup

Aug 09, 2010

China to build ginormous buses that cars can drive under 

Daycare centre at SFU meets the living building challenge, it produces more energy then it consumes (Price Tags)

Smart city governments grow produce for the people (Grist)
The new attitude at forward-thinking city halls seems to be, in a tough economy, why expend precious resources growing ornamental plants, when you can grow edible ones?

How to turn a payphone into a library (GOOD)
Have an old phone booth in your neighborhood sitting empty? Fill it with books!

Urban farms breaking through concrete (Grist)

The beautiful game brings dignity to the streets (Kaid Benefield @ NRDC)
Street soccer is played in one fashion or another at least informally all over the world.  But, in this case, SSUSA “utilizes the power of soccer to turn the lives of homeless for the better,” says the organization in a press release.

TriMet’s Dirty Words Twitter Haiku Contest (TriMet)
We invited you to write haiku based on each dirty word TriMet is trying to eliminate from our civic vocabulary.

Cities are for People: The limits of localism(World Changing)