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Monday News Roundup

May 17, 2010

… and we’re back to our regular schedule!

You Are So Wrong, Frank Gehry! (Metropolis Mag)
The blogosphere is buzzing with Frank Gehry’s derogatory remarks about green design. In a recent public interview, the starchitect summarily dismissed the movement that’s working to make the built environment more responsive to our deteriorated natural environment.

Sustainable Communities…What’s Missing? (Planetizen)
As planners, we try to live the urban lifestyle, minimize our carbon footprint, and even grow our own vegetables. I’ve lived in New Haven, Boston, Philadelphia, and now Miami. And as every year passes, I find it more and more challenging to cling to my planning ideals.

10 South African Stadiums Of The 2010 FIFA World Cup (Web Urbanist)
Though many have expressed doubts that South Africa can successfully host an event of this magnitude, an in-depth look at the 10 spectacular stadiums selected as game venues is sure to surprise and impress sports fans the world over.

Bicycle Rush Hour (buzz feed)
This is rush hour in Utrecht, Holland. Hopefully this is the future of all cities around world. Clean, healthy and safe transportation for the win. And look – no fixies!

Toolkit for Change: ICLEI’s new Urban Sustainability Framework  (Open Alex)
Sustainable cities has been a hot topic for over a decade. But there has never been a time when the challenges and opportunities of sustainability have been so clearly on display.

Grow your own lunch!  (NY Times)
Harvard Pilgrim in Massachusetts is one of many companies that have started gardens as an economical way to encourage a healthy work force. 

More Bike Lanes in Seattle (Seattle Times)
The rollout of Mayor Mike McGinn’s Walk Bike Ride initiative to wean travelers away from fossil fuels by creating a network of connected transit routes, bike paths and walkways has begun.

Light Rail in Seattle-A review of the journey (Seattle Times)
Former Seattle mayor Greg Nickels reviews the process that Seattle has endured towards bringing light rail on line.