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Monday News Roundup

Apr 12, 2010

Every Monday, we post links to articles and blogs that you may have missed from last week. Enjoy!

Architectural Activism (Archinect)
Campaign to save Kreuzberg Tower gets results!

City gardening policy in action (Vancouver Courier)
I recommend chard.

Green and Affordable Homes, Out of the Box (The Tyee)
The first of a three part report on everyone’s favourite ironic mashup of globalism and affordable housing: the shipping container.

Slideshow: Solar power, shaped up (MIT)
3-D shapes covered in solar cells could produce more power than flat panels, MIT researchers find.

Bonn to Cancun (Grist)
Negotiators agree to continue efforts on international global warming

China Is Eager to Bring High-Speed Rail Expertise to the U.S. (NY Times) 
Nearly 150 years after American railroads brought in thousands of Chinese laborers to build rail lines across the West, China is poised once again to play a role in American rail construction. 

Different Projects to check out  (Icon Magazine)

Being a Bright Neighbor (Good) 
Could the threat of a peaking oil supply lead to a hyperlocal revolution? A group of Portlanders thinks so.

Cycling city leaders (Seattle PI) 
More and more officials opt for two wheels over four

Notes from Seattle’s Carbon Neutral Unconference (World Changing)
Carbon neutrality is a simple idea with complicated details: it’s hard to define and far-reaching in its implications.

USA=New Hampshire (GOOD) 
There are about 300 Million people in the US, spread out over 3,794,101 sq miles — but what if we wanted to all fit into one state comfortably, what state would we all fit into?