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Monday News Roundup

May 07, 2012

Happy sunny Monday! Here’s a taste of last week’s interesting articles, images, and headlines:

Can Inactive Landfills Become Assets? (The Atlantic Cities)
More than 6,000 landfills across the country are currently sitting inactive; as this recent article from Places shows, simply leaving these landfills to rot quietly out of our sight ignores the potential they carry – both on top and within.

Temporary Cities: The newest Urban Planning trend? (Sustainable Cities Collective)
Temporary Cities are intended to be impermanent solutions for permanent features of urban life. Some interesting examples of this trend include the m-hotel in London, and the weekend long mall that appeared in Cambridge, MA.

One World Trade Center, Now New York’s Tallest Skyscraper (Architizer Blog)
Last week, One World Trade Center passed the Empire State Building as New York’s tallest skyscraper, reclaiming the city’s skyline and reviving the race for height that originated in Manhattan but which was resolved with the building of the World Trade Center over 40 years ago.

A Bathroom Situated Atop a 15-Story Elevator Shaft (Colossal)
Guadalajara-based architects Hernandez Silva Arquitectos recently designed the interior of a new penthouse situated on top of a 1970s Mexican colonial building in Guadalajara, México. A notable feature of the home is a powder room situated atop an unused 15-story elevator shaft.

Give Me Space! 24 Compact Innovations For More Elbow Room (Web Urbanist)
As the urban landscape expands upward and outward, and space becomes an increasingly pricey commodity, stylistic compromises have to be made… or do they? Beautiful furniture designs are cropping up out of the need to save space.