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Monday News Roundup

Feb 22, 2010

Working for Clean Water 
WCW is about creating jobs, rebuilding our local economy, and cleaning up polluted waterways like Puget Sound and the Spokane River. Each year millions of gallons of petroleum pollute our water through storm runoff, a serious threat to our health and environment. Working for Clean Water will fund shovel-ready, local projects all over the state to stop this contamination. Now is the time to put Washington back to work by building storm water infrastructure that we’ll be proud of for generations. 

The Foodprint Project
Thinking about how zoning, policy, and economics shape our urban food systems? NYC is hosting an international conversation.

Blind architects have a real feel for the site lines  (LA Times)
Blind architecture in LA. Unable to see their designs or those produced by others, blind architects get more in touch with their other senses.

BC #1 in economic growth  (Vancouver Sun)
B.C. will post growth of 3.7 per cent over the year, while renewed American auto demand will help Ontario surpass the national average for the first time in nearly a decade with growth of 3.5 per cent, the board said in its Provincial Outlook — Winter 2010, released Monday.

Record Number Taking Transit in Vancouver (Vancouver Sun)
More than 1.6 million people a day used buses, SkyTrain, the SeaBus and the West Coast Express, according to TransLink.

Bloom box: An energy breakthrough? (CNET)
What happens when suburbia pulls itself off the grid… and every home features a new massive accessory building? 
Proposed zoning code update draws business objections (Anchorage Daily News)

“Landscaping softens a building whether it’s good or bad,” and it’s what most people see when they drive by, Brown says. Isn’t that the whole problem? The driving-by?
A good look at Vancouver’s Southeast False Creek neighborhood and the Olympic Village, which just achieved LEED Platinum.
In many parts of the world, women rely on public transportation more than men. And women are more fearful than men being out in public spaces. This study looks at women’s particular needs as transit riders, especially in respect to safety and security. What are they afraid of? What are the issues they are facing? But the other part of the study has to do with how these needs are being met, or not met. And then finally, are there any innovative solutions?

I love this city, but when I see this, it makes my heart pound. This photo of a spontaneous street hockey matchup on Granville street on Tuesday night is another example of our city at its best. Apparently, five guys from Minnesota challenged Canadians to a game, only to be defeated.