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Monday News Roundup

Feb 08, 2010

Who takes public transit? (Granville Magazine)
Did you know that 61% of Vancouver transit riders do so by choice, not necessity? Check out this and other statistics, including age, gender, employment and household income.

And while you’re checking that out, check out this study by the Mineta Transportation Institute: How to Ease Women’s Fear of Transportation Environments

Portland to get 250ft Vertical Garden (Inhabitat)
Our neighbors to the south always seem to be one or two steps ahead of us.

The rise of vertical farms (Scientific American)
A nice post about vertical farming

Some lettuce grows in Manhattan (Archidose)
A look at the forms that several hypothetical vertical farm proposals are taking

Vectorial Elevation

Be an artist – light up Vancouver’s skies YOUR way! Vectorial Elevation is an interactive artwork that allows participants to transform the sky over Vancouver, Canada. 
As suburbs reach limit, people are moving back to the cities (Seattle PI)
Desolate inner cities, surrounded by burgeoning suburban growth, were a feature of late 20th Century America. Donovan sees a reversal in the trend. “We’ve reached the limits of suburban development: People are beginning to vote with their feet and come back to the central cities,” he said.

This post from GOOD looks at how a street can become a bicycle corridor.


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