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Monday News Roundup

Feb 01, 2010

Techno Jeep (YouTube)
So once we get everyone out of their cars and on to a bus/train/their feet, what do we do with all those cars? We make music!

David Miller’s Legacy (CBC)
Here’s an interesting interview with outgoing Toronto Mayor David Miller about his legacy with respect to his transportation initiatives.

Trainspotter’s guide to the future of the world (NY Times)
A comparison of the new ultra-high-speed-train service in China, transportation in Europe and Japan, and why America is so far behind.

SF plans ambitious transit center (NY Times)
San Francisco has an ambitious plan for a new urban neighborhood with a $4.2 billion public transit hub as the centerpiece of the project.

Three Cool Concepts for Urban Biking: (EcoGeek)
The Copenhagen Wheel, YikeBike Mini-farthing, and underground bike storage.

New Commuter Shopping Centre (Global TC)
Plans for Canada’s new commuter shopping centre unveiled in New Westminster.

About Active Living Research  (Active Living Research)
The latest in best practice and research where public health meets urban design.

Obama to Give High Speed Rail the Go-Ahead (Daily Kos)
Advocates are expecting a $2.5-$2.6 billion grant for the country’s first 150+ mph passenger train in Florida. “Not only are these the kind of projects that are long overdue in America, they also offer an opportunity for exactly the kind of messaging on government stimulus projects that the White House should be engaging in every week.”

A Bike-Ped State of the Union: 9.6% of Trips, 1.2% of Federal Funding (Streesblog Capitol Hill)
“Overall, the report found that biking and walking account for 9.6 percent of all U.S. trips (0.9 percent of that share from biking, 8.7 percent from walking) but just 1.2 percent of federal transport spending.”