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Monday News Roundup

Nov 19, 2012

Happy pre-Thanksgiving Monday, everyone! Below are just a few of the most interesting finds from the last couple weeks–

The Architectural Spectacle That Is Munich’s Metro (The Atlantic Cities)
The Munich metro system, known as the U-Bahn, began running in 1971 in advance of the ’72 Olympics. Over the years, its stations have evolved from a style that might be called simplistic and functional into one better described as curvaceous and kaleidoscopic.

Controversial Frank Lloyd Wright-Designed Island For Sale (ArchDaily)
Petre Island (sometimes called Petra Island) is an 11-acre, heart-shaped island 47 miles from Manhattan. While Wright hand-picked the site himself in 1949, and drew up plans for a 5,000 square foot ”dream house” the following year, budget concerns forced him to scale down his vision, resulting in the construction of a smaller guest cottage.

Saving Seattle’s Neighborhood Authenticity Through Better Buildings (The Atlantic Cities)
Writer James Howard Kunstler gives his thoughts on how ugly buildings are degrading American life in a new documentary pondering the fate of Seattle’s South Lake Union, a developing waterside area that’s home to sloops and schooners, biomedical facilities and Amazon’s sprawling campus.

Can cities help you forget your troubles? C’mon, get happy! (Better! Cities & Towns)
The Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index tracks life evaluation, physical health, emotional health, healthy behavior, work environment, and basic access. Once our basic needs are provided for, increased wealth does not increase our happiness appreciably, nor does unemployment effect us as much as we might think. Instead, happiness is due to our sense of belonging, and not our income, confirmed by John Helliwell, professor of economics at the University of British Columbia.

The Power of Bicycles in Disaster Recovery (The Atlantic Cities)
New Yorkers are learning things from this storm, and from the relief efforts that are ongoing even as another weather front sweeps through this afternoon, forcing another round of evacuations. Practical things. They are learning where to go for help, and how to help each other. They are learning how to get around when the transportation system fails, and the importance of redundancy and resiliency in all kinds of infrastructure.

Vertical Farm Opens In Singapore, Sells Out Instantly (Treehugger)
There is not a lot of room to grow vegetables in Singapore; they mostly grow condo towers. According to Sky Greens, only 7% of demand for vegetables is met locally, and fresh vegetables are often unavailable in the monsoon season.

Downtown Project: A Community Driven Urban Plan for Las Vegas (ArchDaily)
It began with the relocation of the Zappos Headquarters, now owned by Amazon, from its offices in Henderson, Nevada, to the former city hall in downtown Las Vegas: an idea to transform the struggling part of downtown Las Vegas into a vibrant community with economic opportunities for young professionals along with an incentive for a variety of companies to build their foundations providing jobs and income for the city.