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Monday News Roundup

Apr 09, 2012

Happy sunny Monday morning! Here are last week’s interesting bits:

The End of Sprawl? (The Atlantic Cities)
The story is built around a detailed analysis (supported by a terrific interactive map) of census data on population growth. The authors compared the data from 2006 with data from 2011.

The 100 Mile House (ArchDaily)
If you could construct your house out of materials made, recycled, or found within 100-miles of your lot, would you? And if you did, would you feel proud that you never once stepped into The Home Depot? Would you tout the fact that you took an environmental stand, that you did your bit to help the world?

Seattle Spaces, Gray or Great: They don’t just fall from the sky (City Walker)
Our truly public spaces, the ones that belong to the city and are maintained through city funds are bleak because there are no funds for operations and maintenance. If there is a lovely living landscape, someone has to maintain it.

Swimming Pool Balconies, Bad Idea? (Architizer)
Photos of a possibly risky idea included in the plan for a Mumbai apartment tower.

Subway Platforms From Around the World (The Atlantic Cities)
From the preserved layers of history on the walls in Athens, to the sterile, somber curves in Washington, D.C, each system’s platform offers unique insight into its personality. Varying from utilitarian to whimsical, The Atlantic Cities put together a sampling of platforms from the famous and not-so-famous subway systems around the world.

Squint to See: Almost-Abstract Aerial Photography Series (Web Urbanist)
While taking a community planning course in the midst of his architecture degree program, Alex MacLean was introduced to aerial photography. This introduction would turn out to be a fateful one.