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Monday News Update

May 24, 2010

Every Monday, we post links to articles and blogs that you may have missed from last week. Enjoy!

Reinventing the bus stop (Fast Company)
Teague’s Traffic 2.0 makes transit more friendly

People for urban progress (Urbanophile)
A new feature that will periodically profile great examples of positive urban change coming from the new grass roots.

Bike to work month – how to survive Seattle’s hills (Crosscut)
Thousands of commuters are taking the cycling challenge for Friday’s Bike to Work Day, and in hilly Puget Sound, a roller-coaster route is virtually inevitable.

Institute for Market Transformation
“Resources to the latest on energy efficiency financing, green buildings and codes under a changing energy regime”

Office composting service in Vancouver (Vancouver Sun)
Growing City leaves a lined plastic bin in your office and each week picks up the accumulation of coffee grounds, egg shells, fruit peels, bread crusts, paper towels, paper plates and uneaten carrot sticks, and has it composted.

Walk, Bike, Ride – the economic case (Publicola)
Growth of walkable neighborhoods in cities and suburbs can play a similar role in the decades to come, sparking growth in the broader economy—but only if we start preparing today.

Paper or Plastic? The answer is neither (NYTimes)
Some area cities are now considering bans on paper and plastic carry-out bags.

Backyard gardens grow cash in lean times (LA Times)
Green-thumb entrepreneurs turn a grocery list of items they can grow, hunt or collect themselves into extra cash.

Mandatory bike parking in North Vancouver (BC Local News)
At a public hearing Monday, North Van council unanimously supported a zoning bylaw amendment that would require new developments include parking for bicycles.

The crash of carpooling (Seattle Weekly)
Seattleites aren’t doing it anymore. All that remains are acres of reserved parking.

Three visual perceptions of residential density (Switchboard NRDC)
A visual representation of what rural residents imagine when they are confronted with a proposal for increased density:

Urban Green: The Mountain Dwellings (World Changing)
The award-winning Mountain Dwellings, located just outside of Copenhagen, prove that many advanced green building techniques still work beautifully at a large scale in an urban setting.