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New Bullitt Center Opens For Earth Day

Apr 26, 2013

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In Celebration of Earth Day, the new Bullitt Center opened in Seattle on Monday, April 22. The new Center will be the greenest commercial building in the world; striving to meet the Living Building Challenge.

We think one of the most interesting things is the relationship the building will have with its tenants.  They will retain ownership of the building; and anticipate encouraging tenants to walk up the stairs instead of using the elevator, among other green suggestions.  Our favorite part is there is no parking— only bike parking.  Public transit, walking, and biking are the most convenient ways to get directly to the Center.  If you have to drive; they have arranged limited shared parking with a nearby temple.

You can read more about the Center by visiting the links above; The Seattle Times Blog has also shared a post with some great photos of the offices and the composting toilet system.