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Sep 24, 2012

Siemens Develops More Effective Wind Turbine Blades Based on Dinosaurs (Inhabitat)
Designers are taking a step back into the land before time to find inspiration for new wind turbine blades. Siemens has released three designs for new aerodynamic turbine blades based off of the biology of the now extinct dinosaurs.

Good Design, Everday Objects: Scissors (Apartment Therapy)
Scissors are merely an every day object that some believe don’t get enough attention for their design. Neal Stephenson, science fiction writer, mentioned in an interview how he thought scissors were cool; potentially giving them the atttention they deserve. Compiled in this article are various designs of scissors, all in all displaying the union of form and function at its best.

The Most Beautiful McDonald’s in America (Scouting New York)
On Long Island near Jericho Turnpike, if you find yourself driving around and taking the scenic route, you usually end up looking for a coffee shop or the everyday classic McDonald’s for a bite to eat. Well, in this case, you may just drive by the building, confused as you look at the sign as to where the actual McDonald’s is. The Denton House is a historic building from 1795 that was purchased by the chain restaurant yet the citizens of New Hyde Park put up a fight to have the building restored. And so it was, and it now stands as the most beautiful McDonald’s in America.

World’s Skinniest House Now Under Construction in Warsaw (Architizer)
You’ll have to see this to believe it; Keret House: the worlds skinniest house in Warsaw, Polandwedged between two city buildings. Construction started just last month, and it will stretch 47 inches at its widest point, and 27 inches at its narrowest. It will be used as a residence and installation space when completed. The house’s unique design is intended to attract artists and designers alike who will use the space in a creative manner.