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Sep 10, 2012

Past Merged with Present | Composite Photographs Blend Scenes from the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake & Present Day (Colossal)
Photographer Shawn Clover created these composite photographs, blending together past scenes from the San Francisco Earthquake in 1906, with present day images. The overlap of past and present is wonderful to look at and gives a great perspective.

Velodrome Proposal | BNKR Arquitectura (Arch Daily)
In the city of Sinoloa, Mexico, cycling has gained in popularity and the city is looking to incorporate cycling as a mode of transportation into the city’s plans for new public spaces. Thus, BNKR Arquitectura proposed plans for building Culican’s velodrome unites a professional sports building with a cycling-oriented park development. It is presented as a new public space that connects the professional and amateur worlds of cycling in a public atmosphere.

Softwalks Turns NYC Scaffolding into Pop-Up Hangouts (Architizer)
A project called Softwalks, has created a DIY kit that allows individuals to transform unsightly scaffolding on the streets of New York, into a pop-up seating and meeting area. The kit comes equipped with a chair, a counter, a trellis, and even hanging baskets that can all be attached efficiently to scaffolding poles. What a great way to turn something obtrusive into a public space.

Samba By Brad Stebbing for HIVE (Contemporist)
Brad Stepping, an Australian designer, has created the Samba lamp for HIVE. The design is inspired by the movement of dancing hips; bringing curves to life in any home or interior space. The lamps are crafted from rattan, a natural material that is coiled using the rattan rods. The thicker coils of rattan create a distinct look on the inside of the lamp that adds to their design and aesthetic appeal.

Chinese Skyscraper Mimics A Pair of Pants (Architizer)
China’s newest skycraper, Gate to the East, is supposed to resemble a great archway, yet to most, it merely looks like a pair of very large pants. The archway was supposed to resemble that of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris and be an architectural focal point. The new skyscraper has gained lots of international attention and has been said to resemble anything from a pair of pants, to boxer, and even a pair of long johns.