Alex Sandoval

Favorite Project & Why

Northgate TOD – This is a really interesting project that has taught me a lot about development and planning. The project has been a process in discovery; at every meeting, on every new drawing, or at any presentation we learn something new or some project circumstance that puts our skills to test. This project shows just how complex but fascinating development is.

Favorite Thing About Your Job

I really enjoy being surrounded by creative and truly ingenious people. On any given day just by sitting in my desk I can hear conversations popping-up in the office that go from software geekery, designs critiques, politics, or how we can solve the world's problems. I really enjoy these random conversations.

Favorite Thing to Do

Seattle has a great music scene. I love going out to listen to good music while holding a pint from any of our region’s breweries.    

Three Things You Can't Live Without

Futbol, music, the world wide web (in no particular order)... coffee fell just short of this list.  

Alex Sandoval