Alice Audebert

Favorite Project & Why

Without diverging too many details, renovations to a downtown Vancouver SkyTrain station is my favorite project because it is a very important public place in Vancouver where so many people commute through. I wish that future improvements to this place will bring positive change to the daily experience of all its users.

Favorite Thing About Your Job

My favorite thing about being an architect is that I get to be active in the progressive improvement of the world in which I live. At VIA, I feel that very intensely.

Favorite Thing to Do

My favorite activity is to sketch in black and white and to write about cities and societies. In the winter in Vancouver, my other favorite thing is volunteering on Grouse Mountain after work with Vancouver Adaptive Snow Sports (VASS) to help peoples with disabilities enjoy skiing.

Three Things You Can't Live Without

Art, nature, and smiles!

Alice Audebert