Ashwin Kamath

Favorite Project & Why

WSDOT Urban Corridors – 520. I had the honor to work with some remarkable people on a project beyond a fathomable scope and scale. Endless learning and intuitive management kept the progression sustaining while developed, refined software skills patched the dendritic sources of information into an outstanding resolve.

Favorite Thing About Your Job

The convergence of thought-provoking concepts and improbable realities resolved as impactful solutions with an awe-inspiring team -- challenging and influencing what we can imagine today - realize tomorrow.

Favorite Thing to Do

Traveling worldwide to sights unseen on paths unpaved for reasons unknown. Well, I take that back. Food. One reason is the food.

Three Things You Can't Live Without

Family & friends; cookbooks & cocktails, OneBusAway & Uwajimaya.

Ashwin Kamath