Brian Bursell

IT Manager

Favorite Project & Why

The Seattle Monorail Project. As a vision of connecting Downtown, the retail district, Seattle Center, and the stadiums to the growing area of Ballard and the transit-starved areas of West Seattle, this is an elegant and effectual transit solution that has never been equaled, despite many ideas and attempts.

Favorite Thing About Your Job

I do meaningful work, creating improvements to our technical infrastructure and processes that enable the firm to more efficiently improve our cities. I work with intelligent and talented people, am continually challenged, and am constantly learning new things.

Favorite Thing to Do

Early Saturday morning in a comfy armchair with a strong coffee and a good book. Even better is if one of the kids is up early to cuddle up next to me and read a story.

Three Things You Can't Live Without

Family, learning, creativity.

Brian Bursell