Charles Romero

Favorite Thing About Your Job

I really enjoy working through a set of challenges (simple or complex) that will, in some form, have an impact on something larger than itself. Every move made is one move closer to success or the inverse thereof, and so every decision made is critical. My role affords me the ability to recognize that each decision is an opportunity to thoroughly investigate the impacts VIA inquiry, research, and implementation to ensure that success is within reach.

Favorite Thing to Do

I love to hop onto public transit or take my bike for a ride into any one of Seattle’s many neighborhoods to experience a familiar place or discover something completely new. There is nothing like witnessing the layers of the city unfold right before your eyes. It’s the planes in the air, the autos on the street, the boats breaking the water, the bridges that arch, the hills that descend, and the people in passing that intensifies with each movement throughout the day make each trip special.

Three Things You Can't Live Without

People, Place, and Persistence: My wife, family, and friends are a given, but outside of that there is a constant flow of people that stir my interest, shape my perspective, and influence my work. Place as a measure of time; and what better time than now, but also place as in a form that can be created if not yet in existence or sought out if it is. Persistence is simple, without it goes growth and the tenacity to push for a better result than last achieved.

Charles Romero