Dylan Glosecki

Favorite Project & Why

Rainier Beach Urban Framework. This project presents an inspiring vision that creates a dense, pedestrian-friendly hub around a transit station in a historically auto-centric area. I appreciate the thoughtfulness of this urban design effort in its embodiment of the neighborhood’s desire to strengthen their community identity. Opportunities to vitalize our city by creating contextually-sensitive, pedestrian environments exist throughout Seattle–I find that very exciting.

Favorite Thing About Your Job

Collaborating with a team of stimulating, urbanist minds to creatively and thoughtfully grow cities. And having the opportunity to mold our built environment into inspirational, pedestrian-centered spaces and structures in sync with nature’s systems.

Favorite Thing to Do

Walking around Seattle's developing neighborhood centers with my little boy, and looking up.

Three Things You Can't Live Without

A bike. An urbanizing city. Exploring the Pacific Northwest’s unspoiled wilderness.

Dylan Glosecki