Emma Davis

Favorite Project & Why

One of the first projects I was involved in, the Northcote Everyday Home is a project that will forever be close to my heart. I had the privilege of working alongside an incredible architect whose depth of thought and design intentionality continue to influence my work. The project includes 56 new homes for families in lower socioeconomic groups. A standardised design rationale and a modular approach was used in an attempt to deliver fast and affordability housing for the everyday person. The designs aim to reflect their local context and are designed to engage with their neighbourhood, whilst varying roof forms and cladding types provide for variation to the streetscape.

Favorite Thing About Your Job

Being able to work on projects that have the ability to foster healthy and inclusive communities that assist people to connect and engage with their environment.

Favorite Thing to Do

Spending time with family and friends sharing good food and good banter

Three Things You Can't Live Without

Family, tea and a good dose of fresh air & sunshine