Eunice Lee

Favorite Project & Why

OMF East. The scope of the project is massive and I feel like I learn something new every day. The project encompasses so many aspects of ensuring safe public transportation that ultimately benefits not only the riders but also elevates the quality of life for all in the region. Also, the combination of mixed use commercial-residential buildings proposed for the south of the site, and the industrial facilities north, is interesting to me because of how seemingly disparate building typologies can come together to create an interesting and functional whole.

Favorite Thing About Your Job

Learning from and working with a great group of people with diverse interests, concerns, and strengths with the common goal of designing thoughtful built works throughout the region.

Favorite Thing to Do

Going on a long hike in the North Cascades, then stuffing my face at a Korean BBQ buffet.

Three Things You Can't Live Without

Coffee, Snapchat, my unlimited Orca card.

Eunice Lee