Isaura Perez

Favorite Project & Why

My favorite project is a community development project that is rooted in equity and social justice practices as well as sustainable, in both the environmental and economic aspects of the built environment.

Favorite Thing About Your Job

What I find most rewarding about my job is the problem-solving aspect of architecture. During design, the complex parameters of a project allows for a variety of unique solutions to a project. I love that there is no streamline answer to design. During construction, coming up with quick, but thoughtful solutions to issues in the field is a skill that test your design intent with practicality.

Favorite Thing to Do

My favorite thing to do is sing. I do this on my free time and at church. To me, music is a medium that conveys emotion like no other, and can touch even the most stoic soul.

Three Things You Can't Live Without

Coffee (a must in the mornings!), my dogs (who doesn’t like balls of fluff?), and my family.

Isaura Perez