Justin Panganiban

Favorite Project & Why

In my landscape architecture program at the University of Washington, I used VIA's South Lake Union Mobility Plan as a resource for a studio project in the SLU neighborhood. I was inspired by VIA's approach of mobilizing diverse transportation assets into a vision accommodating the needs of pedestrians, cyclists, and transit users within a changing urban fabric. I believe such transit ideals are key in creating great public spaces.

Favorite Thing About Your Job

Being able to shape how we can think holistically about sustainable urban mobility at different scales and contexts, from a single streetscape to a citywide transportation network.

Favorite Thing to Do

Learning and cooking new Filipino recipes. When I moved to Seattle, I missed the traditional dishes my mom used to make. Since then, I’ve made it a goal to recreate as many of her recipes as I can while picking up new culinary tricks!

Three Things You Can't Live Without

Percussion instruments, family, and a bowl of steamed rice with every meal.

Justin Panganiban