Kate Howe


Kate Howe has worked with VIA as an advocate and practitioner of sustainable planning for 8 years. Her experience drafting downtown strategic plans for municipal governments is complemented by expertise in active transportation planning within the wider context of major infrastructure works and multiple-stakeholder collaboration. She has contributed to station area planning in the Puget Sound area, urban Honolulu, Toronto, Portland, and has conducted sustainability workshops for transit agency project teams.

Kate believes first that sustainable planning policy must begin to break down the silos between transport and land use planning by finding and promoting common goals with a common language. Her work helps to bring forward the important idea that “transit friendly design,” is really “people first design.”

Favorite Project & Why

Portland’s Employment TOD. I loved working with City staff and stakeholders to adapt the new Orange Light Rail Line with the east side urban industrial district. The project altered how I think about transit-related investment and challenged our team to apply both equity and employment filters to decision making.

Favorite Thing About Your Job

Working with clients and collaborators to tackle problems.

Favorite Thing to Do

NorCal weekend escapades – especially those involving redwoods.

Three Things You Can't Live Without

Affordable housing, a sweet bike commute, a perfect walk-score.