Matthew Roewe


Matt Roewe is an innovative and collaborative designer with 27 years of experience on complex urban mixed-use, commercial, residential, and urban design projects. Matt brings a deep understanding of the nuances and complexities of creating livable and civic-minded communities that integrate mobility, work with assets in place, and help implement community goals. Matt is also extensively involved in community volunteer activities, including the City of Seattle Planning Commission, Capitol Hill Housing Board of Directors, and the Queen Anne South Lake Union Design Review Board.

Favorite Project & Why

I like all my projects here at VIA because of the diversity of work we do. My role as an architect, urban designer, and a development strategist is continually enhanced by my broad experience in both planning and building.

Favorite Thing About Your Job

The projects we take on are always challenging, yet full of possibilities and adventure. Breaking the rules for the right reasons is a VIA mantra.

Favorite Thing to Do

I love to compare Vancouver to Seattle with the members of our VIA team in both great cities. The differences and attitudes between the two cities are full of learning opportunities. Seattle is robust, innovative, business-friendly and somewhat haphazardly evolving, while Vancouver has remarkable urban livability and maintains a high level of civic and social responsibility. They both are learning from each other.