Nicholas Mostovac

Favorite Project & Why

VIA has a plethora of projects that have intrigued me for some time, but the newly renovated Metrotown Station proved itself in quickly becoming my favourite: a combination of minimal use of materials and simple use of structure to produce an elegant form -- right up my alley.

Favorite Thing About Your Job

The openness of sharing talent: the office is full of talent and people are always so eager and happy to each and share their expertise

Favorite Thing to Do

Getting lost in the city: my spontaneity compels me to randomly take the SkyTrain, bus or SeaBus to places I've never been, whenever I have the time. It's great fun and it's good to practice one's sense of direction, no matter what environment/city you're in.

Three Things You Can't Live Without

A corkscrew (for my fellow wine enthusiasts), my sketchbook, and cocoa butter

Nicholas Mostovac