Peg MacDonald

Favorite Project & Why

Kiwanis Garden Village – This affordable seniors' housing project has a client committed to the best possible, most sustainable project they can build - and a long-term vision. Everyone who has touched this project - from the residents and community groups, municipal staff, planning and design teams to the construction teams have adopted the same vision and prioritized quality solutions above all else.

Favorite Thing About Your Job

Confluence. The transition from vision to reality.  I like to be in the middle of things - to be part of the conduit by which the vision becomes reality. I love contributing to a project from design concept through to implementation. Each stage is unique; each has its own approach, its own team, its own language and drawing style - all of which move an idea through the pen to the craft.

Favorite Thing to Do

To live here in Vancouver. Here, where just about anything is within reach - and lifestyle patterns through the city and landscape can constantly change as new moments are discovered.

Three Things You Can't Live Without

Laughter, sunbeams, selective obsession

Peg MacDonald