Roberto Contreras-Loreto

Favorite Project & Why

My favorite project is Chantli Mare – converting an existing building into a boutique hotel. Not only is it my only solo project to date, it was also done for my parents and has been a huge success. Plus, it was in such a beautiful location that site visits were a pleasure.

Favorite Thing About Your Job

Problem solving, I absolutely love the process of identifying a problem and getting together with a team to come up with a solution. I really enjoy the back and forth discussions, as well as getting to learn from the experiences of other coworkers or contractors.

Favorite Thing to Do

I love discovery: hiking a new trail, trying a new recipe, visiting a new city, discovering a new restaurant. I love the research that goes into it and the opportunity to introduce people to something they didn’t know before.

Three Things You Can't Live Without

Trips to the mountains, family and a good book.

Roberto Contreras-Loreto