Sean Ruthen

Favorite Project & Why

The Plaza 88 Tower 4 project is a favourite of mine in that it is building on the strong legacy of urban design VIA has established at this site in New Westminster, at the same time that it is the final piece of the puzzle for what is certainly one of the most dynamic and visible transit-oriented developments in all of the Lower Mainland. How all the constituent parts – client, contractor, and the City – come together on the Tower 4 site will most certainly set the bar higher for how all the other municipalities, regionally and abroad, tackle the issue of how to create sustainable mixed-use developments of this scale within the framework of evolving municipal guidelines.

Favorite Thing About Your Job

As a registered architect now for five years, I am constantly inspired by the challenges of overlaying the day-to-day responsibilities of being a member of an amazing firm like VIA with my larger commitments to the architectural community-at-large.

Favorite Thing to Do

In the winter it would be cross-country and downhill skiing (at least when there’s enough snow) and in the summer going to the beach and/or playing tennis.

Three Things You Can't Live Without

My friends, my guitar, and my music.

Sean Ruthen